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CMM Inspection

Carolina Metrology offers the following CMM Contract Inspection Services:
  • CAD to Part Inspection - Provides the ability to quickly and effectively optimize a process directly on site to adjust manufacturing parameters through rapid feedback of results.
  • Surface Analysis – CAD to part comparison overlay of highly complex surfaces complete with graphical color mapped reports
  • Tooling Verification – Ability to record and save tooling data for future comparisons for cost savings or rebuilding
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3D Laser Scanning

We provide the following 3D Laser Scanning services as well as additional options.
  • Process Improvement - Compare your prototype, first article or production parts directly to CAD data
  • First Article Inspections – Full detailed inspection of your parts to the Print and/or CAD
  • Capability Studies – Statistical analysis of a sample of your production parts to ensure manufacturing capability
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Reverse Engineering

We offer the following Reverse Engineering Services utilizing 3D Scanning and/or CMM Data.
  • Part Modeling – We have the capability to fully digitize parts of varying complexity and generate CAD models from the gathered data
  • Digitizing – We can scan a part for you and send you the raw point cloud data enabling you to perform modeling and data analysis to better suit your requirements
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3D Laser Tracking

We can provide the following 3D Laser tracking services.
  • On-site or Off-site laser tracker services for inspection, process improvement, large scale high accuracy equipment installation
  • First Article Inspections – Full detailed inspection of your parts to the Print and/or CAD
  • Large scale reverse engineering
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