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CMM Inspection Services

CMM Equipment
Carolina Metrology's dimensional metrology lab utilizes two Coord3 CMMs of differing configurations to better address your coordinate metrology requirements.

Using Renishaw PH20 probe heads for the latest in efficiency and versatility, and Renishaw PH10 probe heads for compatibility and the ability to utilize SP25 probe scanning, we are confident we have the resources at hand to meet your CMM requirements from inspection to reverse engineering to custom application development.

Comprehensive sets of R&R modular fixturing allow extremely versatile part holding solutions.
CMM Software
Carolina Metrology makes use of a number of CMM software packages as differing softwares excel at different tasks.
We fit the appropriate software to the task at hand.

Anywhere from simple inspection of a couple of characteristics all the way to complex high level language programs, we have the appropriate software tools to make our contract inspections or program development as efficient as possible.
Increased inspection efficiency equals decreased costs!
About CMMs
Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs) are an inspection tool developed in the late 1950's consisting of three orthogonal axes, X,Y,Z which form a 3 dimensional coordinate system. CMMs rely on a trigger sensor which is usually a sensitive touch probe to provide point data in an XYZ space. That point data then be reported in a 3 dimensional coordinate system or can be used to create geometric entities to be analyzed. Request a quote