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3D Laser Tracker Services

3D Laser Tracker Equipment

Carolina Metroloy has a Faro ION Laser Tracker. This model supports high accuracy up to 0.0006''(0.015mm) and a spherical working volume of 361ft (110m). The Faro ION Laser Tracker is portable and can perform equally well at the Carolina Metrology facility or off-site at a facility where high accuracy laser tracking is required.

What is a 3D Laser Tracker?

A Laser Tracker is a device that can measure larger 3D coordinates by tracking a laser beam to a retro-reflective target. In operation, the laser tracker simply measures two angles and a distance by sending a laser beam to a target. The light reflected off the target then retraces it's path back to the tracker to determine the distance through an interferometer and two angles through angular encoders. The tracked target is generally a sperically mounted retro-reflector or SMR. The SMR is placed in contact with the location to be measured. The distance and two angles are enough to accurately locate the SMR. Just like a touch probe on a CMM, the SMR has a fixed radial distance from the center to the point of contact on the measured surface.

3D Laser Tracker Applications

The applications for a 3D Laser Tracker are quite extensive.
  • machine assembly and verification
  • tooling feedback for large equipment
  • in-process inspection of large parts or parts that cannot easily be moved
  • measurement of buildings under construction or monitoring of existing structures for movement
  • ..many more..
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