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Reverse Engineering Services

Reverse Engineering

Quite often reverse engineering is thought of as a quick magical process in which an object is quickly scanned in one pass and a few moments later a complete 3D CAD model is produced ready to use. Unfortunately this is far from the truth.

Depending on the configuration of the part and the CAD requirements, multiple pieces of metrology equipment may need to be used. While a 3D Laser Scanner is the tool of choice, a CMM may also be used to gather information.

The gathered information is generally just a point cloud. Experience is then required to clean up the point cloud by removing extraneous data, polygonizing the point cloud, creating NURBS surfaces from control points and finally creating the CAD model.

Driven by the complexity of the part being reverse engineered, the process can take quite an amount of time and is very operator intensive. A great deal of experience is required from gathering data all the way to creating the finished product. Multiple passes of scanning devices may be required to gather enough data to accurately model a quickly changing surface. Those multiple passes will contain some extraneous duplicate data that will have to be removed before proceeding.

As you can see experience is key in reverse engineering. The engineers at Carolina Metrology have extensive experience in reverse engineering and understand what is required to create a useable final product. Carolina Metrology engineers have scanned everything from fire helmets to F-18 fighters and would be happy to assist you in your reverse engineering project.