On-Site Metrology Services

Production Critical

Often assets such as check fixtures, in line gauges, and first article inspection parts are under a fast paced, highly critical timeline where shipping would cause the inspection to take too much time or could potentially cause damage to these highly important assets. In these cases, Carolina Metrology is on call for quick turnaround on site metrology to ensure you meet your timeline. Whether you have fallen behind on your fixture certifications due to scheduling issues, or just need a rush inspection job completed, we can assist and keep your company on track. Our ISO-17025 accredited laboratory includes portable metrology equipment such as portable arms, and laser trackers, to provide a variety of data outputs. Call or email us today to request your no obligation quote.

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Large Scale Metrology

Fixtures and parts that cannot be moved from their environment or sent to an outside metrology laboratory to be inspected, are usually referred to as large volume objects. For this type of dimensional metrology, portable metrology equipment must be utilized to collect data for the fixture or part inspection.
Metrology equipment such as articulated arm coordinate measuring machines and laser trackers are a great fit for such applications as they are highly portable and capable for large volume metrology applications. Carolina Metrology utilizes both portable arms and laser trackers together to provide a highly flexible combination for onsite metrology. Using this modern setup, we can measure parts as large as a commercial aircraft with high precision. In addition, Carolina Metrology utilizes Polyworks Metrology Suite to enhance the inspection process using its intuitive interface, and multi device workflows to ensure an efficient and precise inspection. Most inspections take just one to three business days to complete using our modern setup. With lead times falling in under one week we are ready to take on any metrology challenge. Call or email us today to request your no obligation quote.

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